Starting Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland. Ending Destination: Stirling Scotland. I began my U.K experience even before I arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland. You see I was a little apprehensive as to whom I would be sitting next to on the nine hour flight across the sea. Would it be one of my fellow delegates, the stereotypical fat […]

Hey guys, The first chapter, Scotland, is on its way but going be a little late, so brace yourselves, its a big one!

Hello all,¬† First allow me to say that thanks to all of your support, I have had an absolutely smashing time! The craic was almighty and the people were brilliant! Secondly, I know a lot of you are probably scratching your heads wondering why I did not ¬†post anything my entire journey. You see, upon […]

Ello, everyone! Tomorrow is the day, finally, that I embark on my very first international journey. Nervousness has not set in, but then again I do not expect it to. Now I thought I would take this time to answer a couple of questions I have been most commonly asked. 1. Where in the world […]